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A boxset, sure to satisfy contemporary BDSM, ménage and MM lovers, written by eight bestselling and award-winning erotic romance authors. Includes Blind Taste Test, a Ménage Erotic Romance. Produced by Secret Hungers Publishing.

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Hers to Own (Print Version)   (I’ll need to do up this book page so we can link to it)

He’ll teach her to love her body…one spanking at a time. 

Brienna Morgan has worked hard to get to reach her goals. When she braves her high school reunion and runs into the boy she loved from afar, the last thing she wants is for him to remember the old her. It’s bad enough she still sees that girl every time she looks in the mirror. 

Kade McBride would rather forget his high school days. But then he sees Brienna Morgan.  And regardless of her claims that she’s not the girl he remembers, Kade realizes maybe he’s been given a second chance to right at least one wrong from his past. And he’s determined not to throw this opportunity away, even if he has to tie Brienna to a spanking bench to prove his point.

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